Bali Surfing Paradise | Your Surf School on Bali

Bali surfing Paradise

Surf School Bali

Bali Surfing Paradise is a surf school of professional surfers, both local – Okky & Nopi- and international – Jason. That’s why we can offer surfing at every level, from beginner to advanced: the ultimate complete package.

Surf Camps Bali

Bali Surfing Paradise can offer you the surf holiday of your dreams in Bali. A surf camp on the sunny tropical island of Bali, with more than 40 surf spots such as: Kuta beach, Canggu, Padang-Padang, Uluwatu and more.

Surf Lessons Bali

Our professional team can offer you the ultimate surfing experience throughout Bali and Indonesia, no matter what level surfer you are. Experienced the memorable waves which famous Kuta Beach has to offer yourself!

Bali Surfing pictures