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Bali Surf Spots

Bali, Indonesia provides many places for surfers to challenge and experience the sea world and having fun during your vacation. With easy accessible roads to the surfing points, it is very easy to experience this great adventure. The Indian Ocean owns specific characteristic type of waves that makes Bali known as one of the best places for a holiday by surfers all over the world.

Riding with is an exciting adventure to break the high wave of the Indian Ocean!

Firstly, Kuta Beach is the pioneer of Beach that many surfers have experienced the wave of this famous beach in Bali. Kuta also provides Surfing Course where you may learn how to surf with the complete facilities and professional balisurfingparadise instructors.

East, south and west of Bali have the best surf spots


From east to west: Padangbai, Lebih, Ketewel, Padang Galak, Sanur reef, Tandjungs, Hyatt reef, Sri Lanka, Nusa Dua, Green Ball, Nyang Nyang, The Bombie, Temples, Outside Corner, Racetrack, The Peak, Uluwatu, Padang-Padang, Impossible, Bingin. Dreamland, Balangan, Airport Right, Pertamina(Airport Left), Kuta Reefs, Halfway(kuta beach), Padma, Bleu Ocean, Canggu & Perenan, Balian, Medewi.

Bali Surfing Paradise visits all these spots

Kuta Beach

Kuta Beach is a barometer of Bali Tourism, it has a beautiful panorama view along the beach and owns the specific characteristic waves of the Indian Ocean. This results in a surfing spot which can be used for beginner and professional surfers. Along the Kuta Beach, the white sandy unfolding the coastal area from the north to the south, you can see the most beautiful sunset from the world.Hotels like hard rock hotel harrods hotel are on this beach.

Nusa Dua

Nusa Dua area is well known as a resort area where many big hotels and high class apartments have been built. Nusa Dua owns a very beautiful beach along with the white sandy beach and palmtrees. Nusa Dua also owns a good wave for every surfing adventure. As a resort area, Nusa Dua, is easy accesible. Located beside of the Grand Hyatt Resort or behind of amphitheatre of Nusa Dua.

Serangan Beach

Serangan Beach is located 5 km southern of Denpasar Town and the beach itself are located at Serangan Island that has been exploited and designed as a resort area. Serangan owns a beautiful beach and the good high wave. Many surfers enjoy surfing in this place. Warung or small cafes to serve the seafood are also available in this area.a hotel close to this surfpoint is hotel tugu.

Canggu Beach

Canggu Beach is located 10 km to the west of Denpasar Town and owns a beautiful beach with black sand along the beach. The big waves are easy to be found in this place and many surfers, local and foreign, love this place to experience this water adventure. It is located in Canggu Village, Kerobokan, Denpasar Bali and very easy accessible especially by motorcycle. Restaurant and warung (cafe) are available in this place and makes your stay very nice.a hotel close to this surfpoint is Legong Keraton Beach Hotel

Medewi Beach

Medewi Beach is one of the most famous surfing beaches in the west of Bali because of the good waves and beautiful beach. Hotels and restaurants are also available, to serve every visitor cold drinks and delicious food. Medewi Beach is located in Jembrana Regency about 70 km to the west of Denpasar Town. Going to Medewi Beach will take around 2,5 hours by car.Hotels close to this surfpoint is puri dajuma beach eco-resort & spa Pekutatan Negara, Bali, 82262 and the Kelapa Retreat Bali Villa Jl. Ngurah Rai, Pekutatan. West Bali Negara, Bali, 82262


Uluwatu Uluwatu is the indicator break for the west side of the bukit and is very consistent. The wide reef offers many different peaks which all turn on at different tide stages. The Peak is immediately in front of you as you paddle out of the cave and is a consistent wave that works at all tide stages. Outside corners only breaks at low tide on the biggest swells and is a classic wave. Racetrack is a fast racy wave that works best at low tide. Temples is a bit of a paddle from the main peak so tends to be less busy.
The bombie will break on the biggest swells and is rideable at up to 20' or even bigger!

Uluwatu is well known as tourism destination because of the temple, Uluwatu itself also has a beautiful beach with high waves. Many surfers have experienced this beach and all of them are amazed by the waves. Step down from the top of the hill to get to the beach is a unique experience for every surfer. It is located in the Pecatu Village , Kuta Bali or 35 minute from Bali 's International Airport or only 5-minute form the Uluwatu Temple .hotels close to this surfpoint are alila villas uluwatu Jl Belimbing Sari Banjar Tambiyak Desa PecatuUluwatu, Bali 80364Indonesia and the bulgari hotels &resort bali Jalan Goa Lempeh, Banjar Dinas KanginUluwatu, Bali 80364Indonesia

Padang Padang

Padang Padang Padang Padang is known as the Balinese pipeline. It is a very fast long barreling wave that lives up to it's reputation as the most serious wave in Bali. Similar to Hawaii's very own pipeline, the Bali pipeline also breaks over a shallow coral reef and is only for expert surfers.

Lesser known is Padang Padang rights which breaks in front of a beautiful white sandy beach. This is a very easy wave and is suitable for beginners, longboarders and intermediate surfers. This is a perfect surfspot for surfers that are learning to ride whitewater to unbroken waves. The conditions at high tide are very forgiving - a long slow unbroken wave which can reform from whitewater to swell. It is also a beautiful location for sunbathing and watching the sunset

Padang Beach is located 25 km south of Denpasar Town or 25 minutes drive from Bali 's International Airport. It has a beautiful beach with white sand along the coast. The surfing point at Padang – Padang Beach is located underground in the steeply sloping hillside apposite to the Indian Ocean and has big waves that are good for surfing. The place has grown and became a known surfer destination and this place becomes more famous every year.


Impossibles Impossibles is a fast racy wave that is very picturesque. There are 3 seperate peaks on this wide reef which breaks up the crowds. On the right conditions with a good size swell and offshore wind it is possible for the sections to link up and to get a ride of a mile or more to the warungs at bingin.



Bingin Bingin is a perfect machine wave that works best around mid tide. It is a very consistent wave and throws out many perfect barrels. If you want to practice barrel riding lefts - bingin could be the perfect location. At low tide it can be very shallow and for expert surfers only. At high tide the waves can break very soft and that's why the Bali children learn to surf at this point. High tide can be perfect for long boarders or intermediate surfers.


Dreamland Dreamland is a beautiful white sand beach, a short walk from Impossibles & Bingin. There are many different breaks that work at different stages of the tide and is suitable for novice surfers as it breaks over sand. The best wave is an A frame peak that works best at low tide on a big swell. There is also a punchy shore-break wave where you will see Balinese and visiting surfers exhibiting their skills at the water's edge. Dreamland is a perfect location to spend the day surfing, sunbathing and visiting the local warungs.

The Dream Land is originally designed as an elite resident. It owns a beautiful panorama view and beach with high waves and make this place favorite with the surfers. It is located around 20 km from the Denpasar Town and around 20 minutes from the Bali 's International Airport . The sunset panorama is also dominating this beach.


Balangan is the next break on the bukit and is on walking distance from Dreamland. It is a reef break but has a beautiful white sand beach which is very quiet and beautiful. Balangan is a fun left hander that is not so fast as the other reef breaks on the bukit and is suitable for intermediate surfers.

Balangan Beach is located in Balangan Village Bukit Unggasan, Jimbaran Bali. It has a beautiful view of the beach and the big waves are good for surfing. It is easy to reach the Balangan Beach. Where this beach has been known by all people and is famous among the surfers. Step down from the top hill to get the beach and you will start your great water adventure from there.


Keremas is another of the World class waves that Bali has to offer. Pretty much a well kept secret a few years back, it is now a popular wave. Best surfed mid to low, it produces mouth watering right handers, fast, hollow and loads of power. The end section gets really shallow and care should be taken with the sharp reef and urchins.

The ideal swell directions are from the south and south west, and best from between 3 and 10ft, at mid to high tide.



Classic left hander that breaks for over 200 meters in the right conditions. It's fast, it's powerful, it barrels, and should only be surfed by competent surfers.

The wave is quite a paddle from shore, and it's location results in it picking up quite a bit more swell than other nearby spots like airport lefts or rights or the beachbreaks.


Access:North of the airport. Via Kuta Reef point by boat
There are some outer reef points in the close proximity of airport runway. Facing the ocean, from the left, Ritender (also called Airport Right) Airport Left, Middle Reef, and Kuta Reef. If you are a competent, you can paddle out, however, common access is by a boat. Best at high tide, about 1~5 ft. Wave style is wide, no tube. Not good - too much offshore wind.


Access:From Airport left by BOAT, south side of airport runway.
It's been said it will not close out till 10ft, but the best size is 1f〜5f, when conditions are good, you can enjoy a long wall with a tube. The bottom is a shallow coral reef, it's better to wear a wet suit, such as a tapper or a short john. In the dry season, offshore is always blowing, so you don't have to worry about onshore, but too much offshore is not good. The best time is in the morning with no winds.


Access:Offshore in front of the Hotel Ayodya
The break is 300 m. from shore. Access is by canoe. There are always waves due to the outer reef, even when there are no waves anywhere else in Bali. The point is known for big waves. The surf gets better at the beginning of an ebbing tide. The break can be seen from the shore. Keep your eyes open for the wave and get in. Make sure to check your leash before getting in, otherwise, you might loose your board, as there are always waves at the outer reef.


Access:The end of a park at Bali Collection in Nusa Dua 
It has a regular wave point in a small beach, located 700m from the end section of Nusa Dua on your left. It is one size smaller than the Nusa Dua point, and it closes out during larger swells. It breaks best at high-tide, the condition is better than the low-tide. However, you can catch the quick break with a nice tube when the tide is changing to low tide. Caution: Hard reef on the bottom


Access:Offshore from Club Med in Nusa Dua.
Just before and after low tide is the best time to catch this beautiful break. It is recommended for experienced surfers. It is shallow and the break gets good around 4 ft. When Nusa Dua becomes more than double, Sri Lanka starts to break.


Access:Offshore , Bali Beach Hotel
Considered the best wave in Bali with perfect tube rides, though it is hard to catch the perfect wave. When the wave rises, top local surfers stay here for days. Possible to paddle out or use a canoe. The reef is hard, go in with extra caution. The wave is easy up to head high, becoming difficult with larger swells.


Access:From Sanur 2km toward Gianyar by bypass
This was a secret point not too many people knew about until a few years ago. Now full of Japanese surfers, you can mistakenly think you are on the beach in Japan. During the wet season, it is a solitary beach break, but when a sand bar is formed, a pipe style tube appears like a shower break. Be aware of car thieves, as the parking is far from the point.


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