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Surf Lessons Bali

Our professional team can offer you the ultimate surfing experience throughout Bali and Indonesia, no matter what level surfer you are. Experienced the memorable waves which famous Kuta Beach has to offer yourself!

Surfing in Bali
Bali, Indonesia’s tourism island, provides many places for surfers to challenge and experience the ocean’s treasures, making your visit the unbelievable experience of a lifetime. Accessible roads to points, beaches and reefs make it very easy to experience this wonderful adventure. The Indian ocean’s  characteristic waves make Bali one of the best islands on the planet for surfers from everywhere.

Kuta Beach
Countless surfers have experienced the memorable waves which famous Kuta Beach has to offer, from the sandy beach breaks to the amazing outer reef breaks. Kuta is where we provide our surfing lessons and beginners courses, where you can learn to surf and obtain the basic knowledge of the oceans rips, currents, sweeps and tides with our professional Bali Surfing Paradise instructors.

What does Bali Surfing Paradise do?

  • Do you want to explore the true Bali?
  • Do you want to surf the most beautiful waves?
  • Do you seek picture-perfect sandy white beaches?
  • Do you want to chase the legendary fish of the Indian Ocean?

We can arrange all that for you!