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Surf School Bali

Bali Surfing Paradise is a surf school of professional surfers, both local – Okky & Nopi- and international – Jason. That’s why we can offer surfing at every level, from beginner to advanced: the ultimate complete package.

Surf instructors
Bali Surfing Paradise is using surfing lifeguards as its surf instructors, offering you extra confidence that safety is 100% guaranteed. Okky and Nopi are true local guides. These Balinese boys can tell you everything you need to know on the tropical island. Accommodating your needs in and out of the water, they will provide the best experience, you can have in Bali.

Your Bali experience
This includes include traditional ceremonies, and the island’s natural  beauty, from the mountains to the sea.  We can show you the best places to eat, drink and chill out and, most importantly, surf the swells of the roaring Indian ocean. From nice and easy beach breaks, to points that just seem to reel off down the line, lasting forever, to some gnarly reefs that through you intimidating slabs. So no matter what level of surfer you are, beginner, intermediate, grommet, or advanced, our team of professionals will know which spot is right for you!


The team




Jason was born in the Netherlands and currently lives in Bali. On arriving in 1993, he was immediately captivated by the island’s friendly locals, the natural beauty of its lush rain forests, mountains and its magnificent beaches and surf breaks. From that moment on he began making a name for himself in the local surf scene and fell in love, finding his true passion for life.


Okky was born oktober 28th 1990 in Bali. Since 2010 he is a fulltime surfguide and photographer. Okky speaks Indonesian, English and Japanese. He can find the best and most beautiful surf spots in Bali and Java for advanced surfers and beginners. With Okky you will be on the right spot, any time of the year.


Nicholas (Nopi) was born in Kupang, southeast Timor and lived almost his entire live on Bali. He finds Bali a beautiful place to live, with it white beaches and high waves. Since he was 12, he’s riding the waves. Surfing is in his blood and for many years he is now a lifeguard and surf instructor knowing the best spots any time of the year.


Ivan is our youngest crew member and works part-time at our surf school. He is a student and a semi professional surfer.